How much does SAP Business One Cost? It is more affordable than you think.

If your business is considering SAP Business One as an ERP solution or simply investigating what is on the market, I am sure you will be asking yourself this question. To answer accurately there are a number of factors which need to be considered with some of them listed below.

• How many users will be required?
• Is there a single or multi-site set-up?
• Cloud or on-premise deployment?
• What modules or functional areas will you be using?
• Single or multi-country set-up?
• Single or multi-warehouse?
• What level of customization is required?
• Will users require the additional SAP Business One mobile apps?

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ERP Software for Small Businesses

Gain greater control over your business or subsidiary with SAP Business One. This small business management software connects and streamlines your processes — and grows along with you.

SAP Business One

Increase control over your small business with software designed to grow with you. Streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information – so you can drive profitable growth.

• On-premise or cloud deployment
• Integrated business intelligence
• Integration with the SAP HANA platform
• Quick deployment

Key Benefits – Manage your business with SAP Business One

Run and maintain your ERP software affordably.

Lower the cost of managing your business, from financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships to project management, operations, and HR.

Handle all your department needs with one solution.

Gain clear visibility and complete control over every aspect of your small business. Capture critical information for immediate access and use it company-wide.

Power your business growth with keen insight.

Secure the achievement of big dreams and big goals. Get a single view of your business in an instant with a flexible, modular, powerful, and simple interface.

Key Capabilities

Financial management  – Automate accounting tasks and conduct banking activities with one ERP solution. Unite financial operations with other processes to speed transactions and improve cash flow.

Sales and customer management – Manage the entire sales process and customer lifecycle efficiently. Gain an integrated view of your prospects and customers so you can better understand and meet their needs.

Purchasing and inventory control – Access accurate insight on inbound and outbound shipments, inventory levels, and item location. Run real-time updates, valuations, availability, and pricing impact reports.

Business intelligence – Gather data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on company-wide data. Choose from a variety of report formats, dashboards, and configurations.

Analytics and reporting – Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and maintain cost-effective production. Track stock movements, optimize inventory, improve delivery time, and eliminate stock-outs.

Industry-specific ERP solutions – Take advantage of functionalities, best practices, and processes enabled by SAP Business One studio, software development kit, or a choice of over 500 add-on solutions.


Security and Compliance

Focus on your business and customer relationships, while knowing that your data is safe and reliable. With a proactive, predictive approach, SAP helps ensure compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.